Research Evaluation Form




The Research Competition is an opportunity for participants to go deeper in their faith. They will research, exchange ideas, and improve their communication skills while competing for prizes.




  • The research competition is for Yr. 3 and above.

  • The research paper must be related to the theme “Will arise and build”.

  • Below is a list of suggested topics that connect with this year’s theme:

  • Submissions must be in an electronic form using Arial 12 point font and double spaced.

  • Diagrams with references may be included but are not counted towards the total page count.

  • Page count per Grade:

    • Yr.3&4: 2-4 pages 

    • Yr.5&6: 3-6 pages

    • Yr.7-9: 4-8 pages 

    • Yr. 10 - 13: 5-10 pages


  • Groups participating in the Research activity may have one or more submissions. If there is more than one submission representing the group, the higher mark will count as the group mark in Research.

  • The research project may be presented in the form of a poster, a brochure or an essay.

  • A bibliography must also be included with the submission. Please note that all research papers must be

    the student’s original work. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will negatively affect your mark.


Submission Guidelines:


Please submit one soft copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; one with name, grade and Church and the other with no information.



Steps for research:


  • Select a topic and think of a specific thesis (have a question your research will answer)

  • Choose appropriate resources (books, online publications, etc.)

  • Identify the key information you will use and its source (through highlighting, annotating, etc.)

  • Reword the key information in your own words

  • Add the reworded information to your final copy

  • Include your source in your bibliography 


Research Topics:


1. Incense and Candles in the Church

2. Personality of St. Barnabas the apostle

3. St. Anthony the Great and Coptic monasticism

4. Pope Kirollous IV

5. How the Bible reached us

6. The virtue of obedience

7. The period between the old and new testaments

8. Hierarchy of angels

9. Attributes of God

10. Journey through the Holy Litrugy

11. The Doctrine of Salvation 

12. Liturgical books

13. Coptic Iconography

14. Coptic art




Writing Conventions (Spelling, punctuation and grammar): 9%

Organization: 16%

Information:  16%

Quality Of Research Information: 16%

Theological Accuracy: 9%

Bibliography: 9% 

Presentation of the Research: 9%

Connection of Research with The Theme: 16%