Music Evaluation Form




Praising God is not just a group activity. The teachings and traditions of our Church fathers clearly show how music is considered prayer and how God’s presence could be felt during music that flows from the heart.


Competition Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria:


Instrumental Performance:

  • The instrumental competition is for Yr. 1 and up.

  • Participants may choose to do a solo performance or perform within a group.

  • Participants can play in groups of up to 15 people with one exception to cross ages group  with unlimited participants.
  • The musical instrument performance must not exceed 3 minutes.

  • Avoid playing heavy beats or inappropriate music that is inconsistent with the spirit of our Church or the

    atmosphere of praise which this musical exercise is meant to create.


An approval letter from the church's priest need to be provided and uploaded by the festival's servants otherwise media will not be counted. 


Evaluation Criteria:


The evaluation will be based on 3 main criteria:

  • Main Message and Purpose (25%)

  • Performance (35%)

  • Music Tunes and voices (20%)

  • Within time limit (5%)

  • Relates to theme (5%) 



At the final submission, the project must be uploaded to Youtube channel size must not exceed 500 MB, using MP4 format