Coptic Festival 2020 Anthem

Solo & Duet



Solo & Duet Evaluation Form




Praising God is not just a group activity. The teachings and traditions of our Church fathers clearly show how praise is considered prayer and how God’s presence could be felt during praise that flows from the heart.


Competition Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria:


At the final submission, the project must be uploaded to Youtube channel size must not exceed 500 MB, using MP4 format


Solo & Duet Performance:

  • The Solo & Duet competition is for all ages..

  • In a Solo or Duet performance, contestants are required to present part of a song with or without music.

    This is different from a solo performance within a choir.

  • The Solo & Duet performance must not exceed 3 minutes.


An approval letter from the church's priest need to be provided and uploaded by the festival's servants otherwise media will not be counted. 

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