Coptic Festival 2020


His Holiness Pope Tawadros II said during the Awards Ceremony in Egypt, “I am happy to see the activities of the Youth Bishopric, I am glad that our beautiful Church that is 2000 years old is full of young youth and I am proud to see the creative work and achievements of the youth.” Last year, in addition to the usual participation from Egypt and Sudan, we had a great

worldwide participation from 192 Churches representing more than 20 countries and 8 languages.

The theme for Mahragan 2020 is “My Church, Spirit, and Life”. This year,

We hope that all of you will participate in the Festival activities this year, and encourage everyone you know to join us in one of the greatest annual events, presented by our mother, the Coptic Orthodox Church.

God is asking each one of us to grow in Christ by:

1. Rejoicing in Christ

2. Growing strong roots inside the Church

3. Building our faith through reading the Bible

4. Caring for everyone

 5. Maintaining a peaceful heart